Gas Line Installation Repair

You might be able to repair a leaky water pipe on your own because water isn’t dangerous. However, gas is incredibly dangerous. You should never attempt to fix a leaky gas line because you could get sick. You may even cause an explosion when you attempt to seal the pipe. Precautions must be taken to prevent this from happening. Our New York City gas experts have dealt with these problems time and again.

Let us handle it for you so you can protect yourself and the ones you love. Once you’ve noticed the signs of a gas leak in your home, call our local office. After we’ve learned more about the problem, we’ll schedule an appointment and rush to your residence. We’ll work swiftly to minimize the risk to your health and belongings.

Types Of Gas Line Issues We Can Fix

We strive to ensure that our technicians can resolve all types of gas line problems. We’re constantly training our workers so they can fix these problems quickly and safely. If you’re dealing with any of the following issues, call us to get help.

  • You’ve noticed a gas smell in your home. Gas leaks tend to smell like rotten eggs. Unfortunately, this could be a sign that your gas line is leaking. Before doing anything, turn off the valve. Then, you can safely call us.
  • We can help you deal with gas line leaks. We can find gas leaks underground and behind your walls. Once you’ve repaired the problem, we’ll clean up the area so you won’t know we were there.
  • Have you been unable to access hot water in your home? We will check to see if the pilot light on your water heater needs to be lit again. It could also be a serious problem so don’t delay calling our office.
  • Soil can sometimes erode gas pipes. If this happens, the line must be replaced to ensure your safety. Otherwise, the pipe will worsen until gas begins leaking. Our technicians can help find and replace eroded gas lines.

Once you’ve encountered one of these issues, remember that you can count on us to resolve the problem. We’re skilled, experienced, and ready to begin helping you. We offer cost-effective gas line replacement services so you can rest comfortably knowing everything will be okay. Above all else, we aim to protect the client and their loved ones. Put your faith in us so you don’t let your family down.

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