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Although a leaky drain isn’t necessarily as big of a problem as a leaky water main, it is something that could lead to unnecessary repairs. Why would any homeowner want to waste more time, money, and effort on drain repairs? You won’t need to with our plumbing experts on the job!

Interestingly enough, most of today’s drain problems can be corrected with a minor drain cleaning.

Your drain could only be leaking because it’s backed up and the water has nowhere to go. Of course, this will require proper resealing of the leaky joint to deter future problems, but a mere cleaning can usually get the biggest portion of the problem resolved.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t other potential culprits that lead to leaky drain pipes. Time, tarnish, wear and tear, tree root intrusion, cracks, vibrations, misalignment, and a list of other problems could be the reason your drain is currently leaking.

No matter the root cause, our highly adept teams of plumbing technicians will not only correctly and quickly identify the problem, but we’ll get it fixed!

When A Drain Needs To Be Repaired

As was previously stated, most leaky drain jobs need nothing more than a minor cleaning and resealing of the leaky joint. While this is not always the case, you can count on our teams to always accurately identify the root cause.

With years of experience in the New York City plumbing industry, our plumbers and technicians have seen all kinds of adverse scenarios that ultimately lead to drain leaks. Some of these scenarios may include any one of the following and are all things modern homeowners will want to keep an eye out for.

  • Collapsed or broken down drain piping
  • Even the smallest of cracks, holes, or punctures can be problematic
  • Corrosion and rust can eat through a metallic surface
  • Large tree roots can impede the sturdiest of metal and plastic drain piping
  • Some small trees roots might even puncture through the drain piping
  • Loose and worn connections
  • Warping and disfigurement
  • Loose connections

Knowing When Drain Repairs Are Necessary

Although it would be nice if all our customers knew if their system needed a minor cleaning or were dealing with more adverse circumstances, it’s not something we require. It’s not even something we expect, as it is our job to uncover these truths.

And uncovering these truths oftentimes requires a much more thorough investigation of the entire drainage system. Most homeowners don’t even suspect there is a problem until they are staring at standing water or waste that won’t go down.

Perhaps water has started backing up in the sink or shower every time you flush the toilet. It is always key to learn to spot and identify these issues as early as possible. It will not only make our lives much easier, but it could end up saving up trouble and time in the process. These are key indicators that something is likely going on in the drainage system.

  • Large pools of water form before draining or slower than normal draining
  • Accumulated sewage
  • Extremely low and limited water pressure
  • Huge pools of water form in the yard without recent rains
  • Humps, hills, and strange lumps might even present themselves
  • Rotten egg or sulfuric odors coming from the drains
  • Wet or dripping spots that show up on floors or walls
  • Gulping, gurgling, or bubbling can all indicate drainage problems
  • The presence of insects attracted to stagnated water can be an indicator of potential drainage problems

If you spot or even suspect any of these issues, it would be advisable to get in touch with our offices immediately. We have after-hour service available for emergencies and always encourage our customers to take a proactive approach to monitor and maintain their homes.

Contact our New York City location to request a free drain repair inspection. A trained customer support representative will work with you to schedule the visit. A licensed plumber or certified plumbing technician will perform the inspection and discuss the findings with the homeowner.

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