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A garbage disposer is an intricate part of the modern kitchen. It plays a major role in the safe disposal of food, making life much simpler for homemakers. Like all kitchen appliances, the garbage disposal is bound to malfunction at some point. Fortunately for New York City residents, our repair service is available five days a week and some weekends.

Garbage Disposal Installation

A new home would not offer the comforts of modern living without state-of-the-art garbage disposals. When New York City consumers install these appliances in their homes, they are reducing their carbon footprints. In the United States alone, 21.5 million tons of food-related waste is generated annually. Food waste in landfills generates harmful greenhouse gases. When composting is not an option, the garbage disposer is one of the greenest food disposal methods.

Installing a garbage disposal in a residential setting not only helps keep food waste out of landfills but also makes cleaning up after meals easier. Our licensed plumbers are experienced in the installation of nearly every brand and model of garbage disposal. In new homes, the installation generally takes less than two hours to complete when the electrical wiring is already in place. The installation entails a discharge drain, tailpiece, tee, trap, and dishwasher drain.

Garbage Disposal Repair

The Garbage disposal is a complex appliance with a user-friendly interface. The unit is comprised of sharp blades that grind food waste to a liquid pulp. The pulpy mixture is released into the drainage pipe and flushed out into the municipal or city sewer.

A garbage disposal malfunction is more commonly related to a jammed impeller blade. Food gets stuck in the impeller blades causing the unit to malfunction. When this happens, the motor will continue to run even though the blades are not moving. There is a long list of problems that can contribute to a complete malfunction.

The technician completes an inspection to determine why the garbage disposer malfunctioned. The culprit could be something as simple as a worn shredder ring or as complex as a damaged motor. Our technicians keep a decent supply of replacement parts in their work vans. If a replacement part is not readily available, the technician will order it.

Plumbing Issues

Garbage disposals are connected directly to the plumbing system. One pipe (supply line) delivers water to the unit and another pipe (drain line) allows ground pulpy food waste to leave the unit and enter the sewer system. The setup is fairly simple but any of the plumbing fixtures can malfunction without a moment’s notice.

Clogs are mostly an issue when the unit isn’t working properly. Garbage disposals work by utilizing blades to grind food to a watery, pulpy consistency. A damaged flywheel, blade, or impeller will interfere with the grinding process.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Some internal components are not repairable. In this case, the technician will recommend a replacement. Garbage disposals are the most expensive kitchen appliance but they are also not cheap. The technician will help ensure the customer gets the best deal on a replacement unit.

Contrary to belief, all garbage disposals are not created equal. The technician’s expert knowledge will prove to be valuable in choosing a top brand without breaking the bank.

A Speedy Response

We understand the vitality of garbage disposers for homemakers. While not as important as a refrigerator or range, the garbage disposer is guaranteed to make food disposal quick and easy. Our goal is to get the unit up and running as soon as possible. We do this by offering a speedy response to service requests. We respond to all service requests within 24 and 48 hours in most cases.

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